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meat be murder
morrissey - love
madman101 wrote in i_am_off_kilter

Since the price of rice is high. Burgers are people, my friend.

A Poem: A poem - by a poet

Those who feel free no longer misspell hiccup or hemorrhoid.

Those who are ARE free no longer HAVE hiccups or hemorrhoids.

Bring peace to the world and bottle it.

Put a little ship in there

And we will all walk through the eye of a needle.

Aka, body-scanners.

CORPS ALERT! - Meat is murder! Meat is murder!

All the insect-eaters are disappearing.

Bees are dying by the tonne-load.

Bats are dying by the dung-load.

And birds are being destroyed by cellphones and CATS! (goggle if you don't know by now)

And cats and cows are being sliced up by ALIENS! ("hint, hint")

And Burger King has hamburgers containing horse meat and hog meat!

Because the world economy works so well it has created world droughts

and, we like to watch it all with horse burgers in our mouths.

And, most of our crops are in danger, because... more pests, less pollinators.

And so we complain about Facebook. Instead of imagining new sexual positions.

Which is yoga for the mind. Really. I'll post WHY later.

And now they say humans are the next meatloaf - TEXT HERE

So, even, while, cut-throat, capitalism, is, obviously, working,

the way it is supposed to, (according to the cut-throats), then

Hundreds and hundreds of more chain stores are closing

Because, as of today, this is the future.

This is the Future-Shock Service economy,

where men are kings and robots are nervous,

and self = slave...

B&N, Best Buy, Sears/K, Circuit City, I dunno what all ...

And no one even mentions Mom & Pop anymore cuz they is

The dinosaurs

did it.

How can we be wrong when we still have opposable thumbs?

Well, I will write loftingly of sexual positions soon.

Butt, before then, I hope to post about why

The future is now: Mainly, I've figured out the


("Hypothesis of Everything")

"Everything," meaning: conspiracy dynamics here on Earth.

Stay tuned or go flat.


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